Length of Noreika Road

The true Noreika Road stretched from our mailbox on West Big Bass Lake Road all the way to North Big Bass Lake Road which was just over a mile in length. Now our old driveway is known as North Island View Lane and Noreika Road doesn’t begin until the location of Albert Matson’s old cottage.

From that point forward Noreika Road goes down and up a small hill before leveling off all the way to its turn to the west.  It then passes the phone lines which divided our property and terminates about a quarter-mile further at North Big Bass Lake Road. 

Yet following Big Bass Lake Road from one point to the other is about a half-mile.  he true Noreika Road only came in contact with our family field at the beginning and end of the road.  Instead it skirted itself through our forest with many vantage points overlooking Big Bass Lake until its turn to the west. 

In addition is now another road that leads down to our wooded beachfront that is called Noreika Lane.  And, while North Island View Lane is paved Noreika Road maintains its original sandy road look.

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