On a trip with the Salesian Boys Club, on a day excursion on Big Bass Lake we rowed toward the north edge of Haunted Island. This is one portion of the island that we rarely explored as the farthest we ever got was just past the burial mounds near the haunted house itself.

The best landing area was always the central part of the island and the rickety pier that took us on the path to the haunted house.  This time we tried a northern approach but the many fallen trees that surround most of the island made it difficult to approach from the north. 

The landing area itself appeared very overgrown making a landing difficult so we landed in the central part of the island.  The boys walked past the haunted house and burial mounds gingerly and were somewhat disappointed at the northern end of the island.  After all it was the central part that held their attention especially at the midnight hour on most trips.

I’m sure, though, that had we taken that same walk to the northern part of the island at midnight that it would have held a whole different meaning for those boys than it had done in daylight hours.  For the “atmosphere” of that island in night makes everything take on a different perspective.