Who could resist this location to swim? You can actually see the pavement of M-116 here and observe how close the road is between it and Lake Michigan.  Along this route are many small sand dunes with parking spaces alongside M-116 where you can park your car and have your own private beach.  Between Ludington and the Hamlin Dam there is about nine miles of beachfront to choose from.

Of course, at these locations you are swimming at your own risk so I would advise you to have a few companions along with you.  Just to be on the safe side.  My wife loves to take pictures and anywhere along this stretch of highway you can capture some beauties.  Just over M-116 the other way are miles of sand dunes and scrub forest land. 

But enough talk!  It’s time for me to take a refreshing dip in Lake Michigan and those waves are beckoning me forward.