I never tire of the Manistee National Forest which is chock full of lakes, rivers, and streams. It seems as if each county within the forest has its own charm.   Often I would ike to just walk in one of these pictures and live there forever.  Mike says the same thing about locations on the Little Manistee River. 

Michigan Highway 37 snakes its way through the Manistee National Forest from White Cloud to just short of Traverse City.  I love that journey because with each passing mile another superb scene of nature appears.  nd going off the beaten trail you find even more of these scenes for this one was taken on just one such road off of Michigan 37.

The clouds really make this picture.  Now don’t get me wrong as I dearly love my home near Scottville but I can always dream about living at nearly every place I photograph.  That is why Michigan is my favorite state for it has everything possible in it.  And, do you know that of all the states it has the most miles of shoreline?  I heard that on the television program Jeopardy.  What a state!