Very Late Autumn Hike

Yes, the snow flies from mid to late Autumn here in Michigan and it is only a few short days until the official start of winter begins. So this weekend was my last official hike until spring.  Now, I do venture out with my snowmobile in Winter but as for hoofing it, well, I don’t like to walk in deep snow. 

I enjoy the Ludington State Park because of its varied trail systems.  I can go from an easy hike to a hard one in a heartbeat.  My dog Scout often comes with me as he enjoys the exercise even more than I do.  I must have hiked about seven miles or so today.  Later today I’ll be watching my beloved Detroit Lions with a cold brew and some chips.

Yes, today my hibernation period begins as bears sure don’t have a royalty on that luxury.  From this point until spring my boots aren’t meant for hiking anymore but only for stepping down on the gas of my snowmobile and, yes, eventually the brakes as well.  Yet here in Michigan this is the wrong time of the year to talk about “bears”.  Or even “Cheeseheads” for that matter.  Have a good day!

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