Shanty Falls

Most of us that lived in Wabash remember Charlie and Treaty Creek, but what about Shanty Creek just outside Wabash on the southwest part of town? It was located behind an old cemetary and across a farm field. At that point the creek was found and it had a rock bottom from that point all the way to Shanty Falls. The falls itself were flanked by two large limestone walls and enroute to the Wabash River were large cliffs of rock with many small caves within them.

I used to love exploring this area and sometimes I took Richard Oliver with me who embraced the more sceintific aspects of the area over that of just plain fun. Has anyone else on the Network been to Shanty Falls? On another website, someone boasts of a ghostly presence here but I never saw any of that. Of course, I was never there at night either.

2 thoughts on “Shanty Falls

  1. Is Shanty Falls accessible? I have a scout troop that would benefit from a trip there, if it is permissible.
    Doug Bradt


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