Big Bass Lake already has high-powered speedboats and jet ski’s but when will the Airboat be making its debut on the lake? I’ve always been a big “fan” of these kinds of boats which I hear can be very loud so earplugs might be in order as with these boats they just won’t be for swimming anymore!

Why should Michigan Snowbirds be the only people who benefit from Airboats?  Kent Conner seemed eager to get a glass bottom canoe that we featured recently at Big Bass Lake and Beyond, so what about an Airboat churning its away around the five islands on the lake? 

The Big Bass Lake Belle was a parade entry a few years ago but an actual Airboat could make tours around the lake.  And, if an Airboat isn’t quite your speed, then what about a Hovercraft?

With this baby you don’t even need a public landing to put your boat on the lake, much less to take it off. You just simply glide it over land to wherever you store your boat for the winter months. Plus, why have a passageway to Bluegill Lake when you can merely travel over land from Big Bass Lake to Bluegill Lake as simple as pie?

You could even take it over to Na-Tah-Ka Tavern, that is, if they had a drive-up window for orders to go!  And what about traveling the North Country Trail with one of these?  Since it’s almost Christmas, how’d you like to find one of these under your tree?  Of course it would have to be under one of your outdoor trees but who cares?