Sandy Roads of the Manistee National Forest

Yesterday, my wife, Darlene, gave you a view of the Manistee National Forest from above. Today I am showing you one from ground level and it is one that causes me to wash my car a lot for I prefer sandy roads year round than paved one’s. Paved roads take one into cities and towns. But unpaved one’s take you into the heart of this great forest.

Sandy roads tend to twist and turn throughout the forest and each turn brings new and fresh scenery to view.  I often stop my car and step out into whatever view captures my fancy.  I might hike into the forest for up to and hour with Frick and Frack, my two huskies, or get a few hundred yards. 

This forest never leaves me lacking for words and I think even a full lifetime could never hold the pictures one can get from this land.  Yet my eyes are the lens that capture these views for my brain to absorb.  Like Darlene, I count myself most fortunate to live and work in this forest.  And the greatest fringe benefit to me is that I can to drive to work on sandy roads over that of paved one’s.  What could be greater than that?

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