An Old Pier on Big Bass Lake

I love the old simple piers on Big Bass Lake over those more modern ones that are ever so elaborate.  Ours was slightly different from the one you see here as it had a wooden bench at the end of the dock where one could either perch themselves to fish or to just view the lake.  Here you can observe a raft for swimming just off the dock area.  Our pier was for strictly fishing or viewing as our swimming area was at the Pointe about a quarter of a mile north of our dock.

Our old pier was weather-beaten as we never took it in for the winter.  The ice really took its toll on that dock so periodically we had to do some patch work on it.  That was necessary because once I fell through our pier and got wedged in for the moment.  Fortunately I was wearing heavy sweat pants or else my leg would have gotten really torn up.

Those old piers were made to order for docking boats or fishing.  You might say that they had no “peer” in those days.  Give me a good old wooden pier anytime!

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