The Beautiful Manistee National Forest

I’ve heard it said that a picture says a thousand words. Well, to me, this one says about a million of them. And, it’s my joy and pleasure to live in this area where I can view this type of scenery right out of my front window every day. Yes, the seasons may change but with each one the view is altered slightly. Autumn colored leaves gives way to snow drapped trees and then fresh new leaves again in the Spring.

Winter snow leaves my garden ready for easy planting in the moist earth.  The leaves that we collect each year for our compost pile makes for excellent fertilizer.  I would not trade my home for anything as I live in a virtual Garden of Eden. 

No one could paint a portrait like this photograph as it is clothed in the colors of the season.  And, yes, a river runs through it.  The hint of blue adds its own statement to the picture.  Somewhere along its shoreline I can see Mike fishing it.  And with all the herbs in my garden at the ready that freshly caught fish will taste even better tonight. 

I don’t have to go very far to get photographs like this in the greater Scottville area.  Stick arond for even more visual delights like this one!

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