Follow Those Ducks!

I think part of me has always wanted to be a private investigator and tail someone so one evening at Big Bass Lake I got into our rowboat and begain tailing a group of ducks. When you do this you have to be very careful not to startle your prey so I lazily dipped each oar into the lake in a slow methodical pattern and kept within earshot of their quacks.

One duck glanced behind him but didn’t give me a second notice as he continued on his merry way behind mother duck. I was surprised that I was following them in a fairly straight line. For a moment I began gaining on them a tad too fast and they swerved out of the way fast. I believe that I had blown my cover.

The ducks increased their speed and in the approaching darkness I lost them. I’ll tell you this! Private investigative work is not all that it’s cracked up to be as those birds were quick to “duck” out of sight. Oh, well, there’s always some geese to follow the next time out.

One thought on “Follow Those Ducks!

  1. Hey, Dave Norris , very nice post. I hope we can link up in the near future and talk about how life is going. Thanks for such great info…


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