Former Noreika Land December White Sale

This house on Noreika Road has been on the market for some time now and besides a regular listing you can now even view a video of this home on You Tube which we have elsewhere on this website under the category Videos.

This home has a beautiful balcony and even a conversation pit by Big Bass Lake.  But that’s just the beginning of what this house has to offer.  Check out the backside of this home facing Noreika Road!

Thia house has a den, large living room, dining room, family room, laundry room, spacious deck, two-car garage, and a large waterfront with multiple piers. 

It is located just across from The Haunted Island and offers a great view of that location.  But, this is but the tip of the iceberg of this December White Sale on our former land.  There are also properties for sale at 6066 North Island View Lane (a fancy name for our former driveway, which is now paved), 6210 Noreika Road, 6328 Noreika Road, 6329 Noreika Road, and 6300 Noreika Road. 

Here is a view of the lot found at 6066 North Island View Drive which also faces Haunted Island.

I estimate this to be very close to where our dock was once located and close to our former cottage (then white) now yellow. One has to wonder why so many properties are being sold?   Could it be high taxes on the lake or maybe the damage winter storms put on those homes?  Whatever the reasons, many properties are being sold on our former property.  Maybe some good  possibilities for you?

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