A Great Sandy Road

There are great sandy roads nd then there are GREAT roads like this and this is one of them.  It throws me back to the 1950’s when a majority of the roads in this area were exactly like this one.

Yes, even those roads that are now fully paved were just like this one.  I remember them being oiled down at certain times of the year for better traction. 

And, if you had a car behind you, he was most definitely eating your dust and had better have had his windows rolled up.  The old phrase, “Eat my dust” really meant something back in those days.   

And if a car went past your home and garden, your vegetables were covered with a layer of light dust.

I also loved to walk these roads often but would have to cover my face when a vehicle went by or I’d be eating their dust.  Despite those dusty days, I wouldn’t trade those old roads for anything. 

The Manistee National Forest to his day has these kinds of roads in abundance.  For one, I hope they always will.  Dave Norris was telling me the other day that the road around Big Bass Lake was mostly paved for years except for the eastern road that encircled the lake.  Yet now even that is paved.  Well, the road I’m on today isn’t and I’m ever so thankful for that!  Besides where would car washes be today without these kinds of roads?

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