What A Day to Drive In!

Usually a drive from Ludinton to Scottville takes ten minutes or so, that is, except in the winter. If Ludington gets a lake effect snow, that same ten minute drive can stretch into an hour. Now don’t get me wrong. Usually the Michigan Highway Department gets right on the dime with highway clearing and does an excellent job in so doing, but lake effect snow is a challenge to anyone.

And, it’s never just the road condition either.  One has to endure all those idiot drivers out there that don’t know how to drive in these conditions.  Some go too slow while others think they’re on some sort of speedway and I hate to be in front of those idiots.  They want to pass you and they do but slipping and sliding all the way.

The older people like to drive about five miles an hour and then that trip would beg to be just an hour.  I don’t like to pass during lake effect snow storms because the visibility is so poor.  But, to be honest, I rarely drive my vehicle in this kind of weather opting instead for my snowmobile where  I can set my own pace.  I also don’t necessarily have to follow the beaten path that being the highway.

Oh well, winter comes but once a year.  Great, isn’t it?

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