Brookwood’s McCarthy Creek

I enjoy hearing of Dawn’s exploits at Brookwood and you can find them all in our category section under Brookwood on the sidebar. Last winter, I determined within myself to find this mystical place that Dawn writes so fondly about. Mike and I parked our truck on a nearby road and crossed some private property to get to our goal. Knowing it was winter, we knew that few live in this area year round but instead migrate to places like Florida to hibernate from the cold.

All we left behind on that property we crossed were our footprints going both ways.  Dawn had written about McCarty Creek but neither Mike nor I could find that stream in Lake County but we did locate a McCarthy Creek.  Even in the winter time I could visualize all that Dawn had written about.  She spoke of how cold that creek was and in winter it was still very cold. 

Yet only through the eyes of one that lived through those times can one gain the proper perspective of this Brookwood area.  I would urge all of our readers to read what Dawn has said about both Brookwood and McCarthy Creek.  It will warm your soul which is what Mike and I intended to do once back at our truck.  That was a very cold and windy visit to McCarthy Creek that day but one that I can honestly say I shared albeit for such a short time.  Enjoy all that Dawn has to say on this area for I sure do.

One thought on “Brookwood’s McCarthy Creek

  1. We as a family always called it McCarty Creek, perhaps the h was dropped back in the days of my grandparents or dad. I even checked with my sibs and for once everyone agreed on something! Lol! Be that as it may apparently it is known as McCarthy…..thanks. Dawn

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