A Sliver of Light in Tree Line

I took this photograph in the 1980’s just north of our pier which would have been in line with our old barn. It shows just a sliver of light coming from a couple of sections from our fully lined shore of trees. That line once extended from just west of the Public Landing to just south of the Matson cottage on the southwest corner of Big Bass Lake.

In that entire section, the only brief break, and it was brief, was an opening above our pier and the ever so narrow pathway coming down that hill.  Aside from that our entire hillside was filled with beautiful trees.  Sadly that is no longer the case as new owners of the land have opted for a clear view of the lake and have only kept a handful of the trees that once populated that area.

It was near impossible to make out any out building on our land except for the white cottage.  The trees kept one from seeing anything else.  I used to enjoy rowing that coastline as I observed all those trees providing shade to at least twenty to thirty feet out on the lake.  I can still have that “look” today on this website as it once appeared to everyone.  Who says you can’t go home again?

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