Our Wooded Beach- In and Out Views


You might notice the sun shining on two trees near the center of the picture. That was just by our fire pit which was about ten yards or so from our tent area. The small sliver of sand you can also observe in the near center of the picture was our beach. Yet in the water itself you can make out the sand beneath the water.

In this vicinity we set up our tents on camping trips with various boys clubs. About a half mile away was our summer cottage.

This area was filled with ferns which was good for smoking the area to rid ourselves of mosquitoes. Two fire pits were set up for faster cooking as more than one item could be cooking at a time. Behind this area was a quagmire swamp. A portable potty was set up somewhat near our point but further back from the shoreline for privacy.

Usually two to three tents were set up and the majority of our swimming activities took place here. Big Bass Lake didn’t have too many natural sand beaches and ours was one of them. Our hiking forays took place either on the rest of our property or down the Bloody Antler Trail.

For bathing we overturned our metal rowboat which served as a perfect bathtub and one in which the kids wouldn’t have to wash their feet and then put them right back into the sand. As soon as one stepped onto the land slightly atop the sand their feet touched a bed of soft moss which extended almost as far as to the firepit.

At night we would roast marshmellows, tell stories, and even knock out a few campfire songs. That was just the beginning though as most of our hikes came at night. During the day we either swam or took out trips to the Lake Michigan Recreational Center, Ludington State Beach, or the Tippy Dam area near Wellston, Michigan.

In the mornings we were usually awakened by a bugle call coming from Camp Martin Johnson. Thanks guys as our night time activities probably lasted longer than theirs.

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