Sunrise and Sunset on Big Bass Lake

Each new sunrise at Big Bass Lake brought with it all the anticipation of what that day would bring forth. Following breakfast we might be taking an off site trip to Ludington, the Pine River, or even to the Lake Michigan Recreation Area. Then again we might be staying put at our property for tracking games or a Scavenger Hunt. Plans were always revealed during breakfast.

On this particular day with the Hoffman Estates Boys Club, I told them our day would be spent right at our campsite doing water related activities including open swimming, fishing, and an afternoon boat race. At times it was good to remain right on our wooded beachfront to let the boys relax a bit more.

Danny Heisen chose to fish while Alan, Tim, and Chris wanted to go swimming after clean-up. Mark surprised me by volunteering to cut some more wood for campfires.

At supper that evening the plans were revealed for the night time schedule which included a hike down the Bloody Antler Trail. The boys always enjoyed that activity as it took them away from our forest to something they had not seen before. Our hike would be taking place just after sunset. Often our activities would go late into the evening and we would then sleep in the next day.

On this day this schedule was more than welcome for the majority of the boys on this trip.

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