Apparently, the center portion of Turtle Island has a camping area under the trees with a defined pathway that runs the length of the island. A warning sign is posted just off that trail by the Manistee National Forest stating that no trees are to be cut down for fire wood.

On the island’s western edge is another more open camping location just down a short hill where wild grasses are found.  Even though the island is the second smallest on Big Bass Lake, it does seem to have its own trail system albeit a short one. 

Under the canopy of trees would seem to make for an excellent campsite.  I wonder if Turtle Island has any mythology to it that would make for great ghost stories?  Maybe our readers can clue us in on that point?  And, why do some now call this island Pirates Island?  There must be a tale or two revolving around that name?  Let us know by way of a comment.