One Lane Drives in The Manistee National Forest

These pathways are great for four-wheel vehicles. I wouldn’t call them roads exactly however some cars do travel them. I have often wondered what they would do if a car coming in the opposite direction met them as there is barely enough room for one car on them.  More times than not, Darlene and I take these on just to walk upon.

I’m always curious as to what lies just behind the next bend in the road.  Will I find a lake that I have never seen before or maybe a pond.  During hunting season I like to travel them  in hopes of locating  deer.  Now and then one even might encounter a bear.  After all, they don’t always appear in gardens as my wife reported a few days ago.

I use my snowmobiles on these roadways in the winter time and I travel them for miles at a time.  There is always something new to see and observe.  In winter, animal tracks usually pass over them sometime.

I don’t use these paths to drive my car upon.  That would ruin the moment in my opinion.  The Manistee National Forest has in abundance of these kinds of trails and in the future I will speak on this in telling about the North Country Trail which features some of these roadways.  I suppose someday I will have to approach Darlene about getting a four-wheel vehicle.  Hmm?

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