Turtle Island- Part Two

I believe that I have solved the “Gap Theory” or at least the one between Turtle and Four Winds Islands.   I wonder what the depth of water is between these two northern most islands on Big Bass Lake?  Have any efforts ever been made to purchase Turtle Island from the Manistee National Forest?  It appears big enough to maintain one house. 

What is the actual distance between these two islands?  And, did Camp Martin Johnson ever utilize Turtle Island when they owned Four Winds?  How about for a primitive camping site?

Is there a good swimming area off of Turtle Island?  Again, my thanks to Big Buck for supplying the pictures and now how about someone else supplying some of the answers found on this post?  The comment box awaits you!

10 thoughts on “Turtle Island- Part Two

  1. From my knowledge, the gap is relatively shallow, boats can pass across, slowly, trees and other debris were placed in the gap to deter high speed boaters. Also, I believe that Turtle Island isn’t actually owned by Manistee National Forest, they just in recent years put up a sign on it. Its owned and seemingly unknown to them, by some family in the Detroit area. Their family purchased it in the 1930s.


  2. Turtle Island is not owned by the Manistee National Forest. One of Martin Johnson’s family members own it. If you check with the County register of deeds you will find out that a Johnson family member pays the taxes on the small island.


  3. No the sign wasn’t posted by the Johnson family. Somebody put the Manistee Nat’l forest sign there – it was stuck in a hole – not permanently place on the small island.


  4. Sorry, Peggy. Mike and I fed Dave the info that the Manistee National Forest owned that island as that is what we were told by friends on Little Bass Lake.


  5. I heard rumor that the island was given to the state of Michigan by the owners to avoid taxation as long as it was preserved as part of the Manistee National Forest. I was told that by and older gentlemen 12 years ago that lived on the lake. At least the sign may protect it from people cutting the trees down for firewood etc…great idea!
    I know Penny/ Loon island is owned by the BBLB lake association. They go to great lengths to try and protect it from erosion etc…to give the Loons a yearly nesting place. How bout a story on that island Dave?!


  6. There are many stories on that island, Buck, under the category Grandma’s Hat which is what I knew it to be from my grandmother in the 50-70’s. Check them out. Does the Big Bass Lake Association maintain a website?


  7. Buck-
    The categories for this entire website are on the sidebar and they include all five islands on Big Bass Lake plus many other categories. Each category shows the number of articles for each one. Check it out. I am all the way into September of 2012 with new articles so stay tuned. As for the association, several years ago they had a website and then Teardrop Bass inserted it for a time which is now on our blogroll.


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