This photograph seems foreign to me as this is not what I remember as being our stony drive that led to Big Bass Lake Road.  Now fully paved and known as North Island View Lane, it hardly resembles what once was there.  Plus the houses to the left were also not there in the 1950’s thru the 1990’s.  It was open field and for a time our orchard.  That land fronted a tree-lined Big Bass Lake shoreline.

The area to the right seems virtually unchanged as it was the beginning of our farm field that ended at Noreika Road far to the north.  In the winter time, swirling winds must close this drive often as snow was piled high atop it.  It makes me wonder how many of those new homes are utilized year round?  And, now with the Noreika land a distant memory, except in the pages of this website,  I also wonder how many new homes are found along our former shoreline all the way to the Pointe? 

New generations can now enjoy our former land and I hope they treasure it as much as I did.