The “Mountain” Outside of Ludington

I’ve often been intrigued by this “mountain” just outside the city limits of Ludington. It’s found just across the Lincoln River Bridge on M-116 about a mile out-of-town.   And, a mountain it is!  I’ve wondered how these folks do in the winter months as to going up and down that monster?

When you’re driving toward Ludington State Park on M-116 it’s just off to your left as you head north.  It’s impressive to say the least but you wouldn’t find me living up there on a bet.  I’ve always wanted to get a photograph of this place but until now have not done so. 

To me it provides Ludington with another conversation piece.  It stands so stately out there that you just have to be impressed with it.  But from afar.  Again, I would hate to have to drive up and down that mountain in bad weather months. 

So besides ferry boats, lighthouses, and great beaches, Ludington now also has a mountain.  It makes me wonder if there are any old goats up there?

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