The Big Island Overview

The Big Island, formerly Waite Island, is the only island that is inhabited with multiple dwellings on two streets, North Bayshore Drive and West Isle Park Drive. On the northwest portion of the island is a small harbor.  The island is tucked neatly between Haunted Island (to the west) and Grandma’s Hat (to the east). 

There is one rather large mansion on the island painted in yellow which makes it stand out somewhat.  The Big Island is also the only island on Big Bass Lake to have a bridge leading to it off of Big Bass Lake Road.  Our first picture shows you the lake from West Isle Park Drive.

From the northern most point of the Big Island one can observe the narrows of Big Bass Lake and most likely, in the distance, also observe the two most northern point islands, those being Four Winds Island and Turtle Island.  As to the latter, this month we are already into  five-part series on that island.


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