My Neices

These are my three neices and the daughters of my youngest sister Kathy. Laura is the youngest of te three and has just finished college so, yes, my neices are now all young women. Kristen, the middle neice, is married and has two sons, while Sarah, the eldest, is single and finishing up college herself.

My neices had the oppotunity when still young to visit our property in Michigan and meet their Aunt Beth as well as explore the farm, forest, beach, and logging trail. We stayed in Manistee for this trip in 1992 and took a walk along the beach in very bad weather for July. It was cold and windy and my neices wanted to take a picture of me in Lake Michigan. I did so and froze big time.

Later Kristen and I walked out onto the Manistee breakwater in high waves but the first wave that crashed against that breakwater soaked us and that was the end of our walk.

It was important for the girls to know about their Noreika roots in our family farm as my grandmother died with that name that her children abandoned in the 1940’s for Norris. They at least had the chance to explore part of that heritage by visiting the family farm.

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