Swimming at Seaman Lake Has Options


The Leisure Resort on Seaman Lake in Lake County, Michigan, offers you the choice of using the swimming pool or lake for swimming. I found the lake somewhat murky for swimming but that was back in the 1970’s when the resort had no swimming pool. I would think that today the swimming pool is doing more business than the lake in regard to swimming.

Still the younsters seen in this photograph don’t seem to be begrudging the lake any. In fact they look quite content in swimming in Seaman Lake. The lake, better known for its fishing, can be used for swimming too. But its good to know that one currently has options as to where they choose to swim. The best scenerio is to swim BOTH in the pool and in the lake and from that determine which is best for you.

By the way, the lake is also great for row boats in the event that you wanted to know.

I do wonder, though, if the pool was constructed due to any algae problems in the lake.  I know of several small lakes where this is an ongoing problem so maybe the pool was added for this reason?  Is swimming still allowed in Seaman Lake?

One thought on “Swimming at Seaman Lake Has Options

  1. The unique thing about the 1970’s Seaman Lake photos in this story and others is the back ground in the photos is all trees. That shoreline in the background has been totally developed and is all cottages today. As far as what you described as murky water for swimming…the water is actually very clean but it has that brown tea look to it. There is a term for it which I can’t recall. I have seen several lakes in the lower peninsula that have this and also many in the UP. What is interesting about Seaman is that Loon and Alice Lakes are only 300 feet away and neither have this brown tea water. Also a side note: Seaman Lake is the home to the 1973 and 1985 Michigan Record Large Mouth Bass Records. Must be someting in that tea!


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