Our Shoreline in The 1970’s

The Noreika property shoreline on the southwest portion of Big Bass Lake extended just eest of the public landing and up the shoreline about a half mile. Our wooded beachfront was almost exactly across from the public landing.  In those days the hillside running along that shoreline was filled with trees which have since been removed for new housing once our land was sold.

he 1970’s were most memorable for me as that is the decade which saw the majority of camping trips with three Boys Clubs of America.  Most of those camping trips were conducted in the summer time with the exception of two trips.  The Marion Boys Club took a trip during Mid-Sprin when ice was still on the lake whereas the Hoffman Estates Boys Club took a Mid-Autumn trip and stayed at a cabin on the Little Manistee River.

Yet this shoreline is the way I best remember our property.  It was filled with trees and bushes.  Our cottage was almost invisible from the lake yet that same building nowcan easily be seen with all the trees gone. 

I used to hike a trail just south of our pier to get the mail in an all shaded route along the shores of Big Bass Lake.  It rose only at the end to get me to Big Bass Lake Road just as it merged with our driveway.  Yes, the 1970’s was most definately my favorite era at the lake.

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