Adam John (AJ) Noreika/Norris

The following is the record of my father, Adam John Noreika / Norris.

Birth: Dec. 24, 1909
Houghton County
Death: Mar. 6, 1973
Cook County
AJ Norris was the son of Joseph Noreika (1873-1956) and Barbara Letukas (1884-1976). He was born on Christmas Eve, 1909 in Calumet, Michigan. He grew up with three siblings, Barbara Agnes (1916-1992), Elizabeth Eve (1917-2004), and Joseph Martin (1920-2006); two other siblings, John Noreika (1911-1911) and Eva Noreika (1913-1916) proceeded them in death.

The last name Noreika was “Americanized” around the time of WW2 to “Norris.” Adam grew up on the 280-acre family farm right on Big Bass Lake in Irons, Michigan. He entered the armed forces as an enlisted man and then as an officer in the Army Air Corps. He was stationed In Hawaii at Pearl Harbor at the time of the attack, though he held a “desk job.”

After his honorary discharge on February 21, 1946 he returned to Chicago and worked in the printing industry. He was president of the Runkle-Thompson-Kovats design firm.

He married Treva Margaret McCarthy on August 29, 1941 and they had four children: Susie, David, Kathy, and Treva (the third generation for the unique first name).

The family lived in Illinois then Wabash, Indiana. AJ died in 1973 in Palatine, Illinois.

Cremated, Ashes scattered.
Specifically: Irons,Michigan; Noreika Family Farm.  His ashes were scattered along with my mother’s in 1992 on the north end of my grandparents property quite near the phone lines.  It was near a little creek that he liked to think by as a young boy.


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