My first photograph shows our driveway from Big Bass Lake Road and in the distance you can observe our garage which is exactly right next to North island View Lan as that driveway is known today,  When walking out to get the mail for my grandmother when I was a youngster, I always enjoyed this brief period of shade under that tree.  As you can tell, the rest of the road is in the open and prone to being covered over in the winter by heavy snow,

The second picture shows you the same road but from the opposite view.  The trees in question over the driveway are better seen here.  Where the driveway ends, Big Bass Lake Road begins and just to the west (right) of that road, another dirt road appears not fifty yards from the exit which leads to the Bloody Antler Trail.

The last picture is taken on Big Bass Lake Road just to the west of our driveway.  If you look hard enough you might be able to make out Big Bass Lake to the east.  Now a paved road, our driveway was once just a rocky trail leading to the farmhouse where the garage now stands.  Of course, then, Big Bass Lake Road itself was not paved.