Tent Locations on Camping Trips

On camping trips to our property with the Marion Boys Club, we usually picked up four tents which I stored in the granary on our farm each year.  The locations of those tents included two in our main camping area near he main fire pit, one at the Pointe for older boys, and the one you see here near the swamp.  This tent was perhaps the spookiest of the four being the farthest from Big Bass Lake.  It was in close proximity to our swamp cooking fire pit.

With the Salesian Boys Club I used three tents with all three being in the main area.  Two were used for housing and the third was a large screened tent that was used for in climate weather.  On that trip, it was used a lot for it rained nearly every day. 

The swamp tent, however, was used for two boys and also used for some storage.  It was used on a rotating basis each night so that the kids could have a measure of privacy from the main tent area even though it was only about forty yards away.  The Pointe tent was about seventy yards away and used by older boys on any given trip.  The Swamp tent was just a few yards away from the quagmire marsh located just north of the wooded beachfront that we used.  The boys often spoke about the “weird” noises that could hear in that marshy area at night. 

Needless to say, no one used that tent on the evening we went out to Haunted Island for that was enough of being scared for one night.  I believe that I used the Swamp tent on only two camping trips with the Marion Boys Club as it was the hardest to set-up.

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