Swimming Trips With The Marion Boys Club

Every Friday, like clockwork, the Marion Boys Club would head to Matter Park, on the north side of Marion, in the summer or to the Marion YMCA in the winter for swimming.  The sign-up sheet was always full of names for either of these locations.

Matter Park Pool offered the boys some refreshment only air conditioning could provide back at the club on hot summer days.  Our three-hour swimming trips gave the boys all the time they needed to exhaust themselves, not to mention the staff that took them there.  It was a great city pool.

The Marion YMCA Pool offered the boys a heated pool during the winter months.  Once, however, one of our older boys, James Freshwater mistook the deep for the shallow end and jumped right in.  Fortunately the life guard on duty was exceptional in his duties as from that point forward, James learned which end was the shallow end for he could not swim.

The YMCA swimming program did teach James how to swim before the winter was over making any jump into the pool quite safe for him from then on.  Many thanks went out from our boys to the Marion YMCA staff for affording them the opportunity for winter swims.

During the time I worked for the Marion Boys Club our facility consisted of a library, television room, snack bar, and two game rooms plus a lighted outdoor playground complete with two basketball goals.  That facility is now closed and the kids of that area have a new club near Indiana Wesleyan University.

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