I don’t get to Manistee very often as my shopping preferences take me more to Ludington. Yet every now and then my shopping does take me to Manistee as I love the charm of the area.  Thus, I thought I would present to you what Manistee once looked like compared to how it looks today.  And, outside of the change in automobiles the area looks virtually untouched.

When in Manistee I enjoy the Riverwalk and the beaches although in my opinion they can’t compare to the beaches in Ludington.  Now Manistee is more known for the large gambling casino that is just north of the town.  That part of Manistee they can keep but I understand that the area needed the employment possibilities that the casino brought to the area.

So, what are “your” memories of Manistee both now and then?  Let me know by way of a comment.