The Pond on The Northeast Side of Our Property

On a trip with the Hoffman Estates Boys Club to our property, we actually found this pond quite by accident.  Just off our old logging trail is another trail that leads to Matson Road along our swamp behind our wooded beachfront.  Just before Matson Road is where this pond is located and it was indeed a most spooky area.  Had I known its location earlier I might have used this spot for the other two boys clubs that came to our land.

It could well have rivaled the Haunted Island and Bloody Antler Trail, especially so at night.  Instead, two of the boys returned later that day with their fishing poles to try their luck while the other boys just explored around the whole pond.  The unusual trees around the pond would have made for great imagination builders at night.

Had my plans for a resident camp materialized in the 1980’s, this area would have been turned into another campsite area just to the west of the pond.  This was probably the last unexplored area that I had found on our property which numbered about 256 acres.  Too bad, for it was a natural haunted area for night-time usage. 


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