The Bridge Within the Channel


This is the bridge in the channel between Big and Little Bass Lakes and from this direction one would be going toward Little Bass Lake from Big Bass Lake.  To the right would be the land once belonging to Camp Martin Johnson that is now owned by the Heritage Bay Association.  Yet what lies to the west of that land bridge?  And is it safe enough to walk upon after all these years?

Is there an actual trail that exists to the west or does one just encounter brush and trees?  I believe the cottage of Ann Louise Chase is not far from this location.  I also understand that bears are most often observed in this area.

But how about a view from the Little Bass Lake side leading to Big Bass Lake? 

It’s somewhat wider here, the channel, because you are just leaving the southern portion of Little Bass Lake and one can get a good glance at the bridge from this location being much closer than our other photograph.  As for the channel itself, it is largely a one-lane channel although books can be moved over to the side in bushes to allow someone to pass.  It is also rather deep in spots.

Can anyone enlighten us as to how good the fishing might be in the channel?

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