Noreika Road Today

Noreika Road today appears to be paved in some locations while retaining the sandy pathway it once was throughout the majority of its length.  However, just pass the old Matson homestead,  that trail turned to grass as it progressed through our barnyard and then changed back to a stony road back to Big Bass Lake Road on the south side of the lake.

Noreika Road, in its original design, stretched from Big Bass Lake Road on the south to Big Bass Lake Road on the north.  In all it was just over a mile.  Today, however, some parts of it have been changed to North Island View Lane which stretches out from the southern border of that road to just about the Matson place where it reverts back to Noreika Road.

There is even a Noreika Lane now that turns east down to our former wooded beachfront area.  And, from this point south, Big Bass Lake is always in view but as you make the turn west, the lake is out of sight and all that you can see is our forest land. 

At the western exit back onto Big Bass Lake Road you can see our large farm field just to your left which extends nearly all the way back south to the public landing.  The road was named after my grandparents, Joseph and Barbara Noreika.

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