The Haunted Island At Night


This picture was taken in the middle of the Haunted Island on the southwest side. A boys club group and I had just landed our rowboat at the rickety pier and climbed the short hill to the path that led to the haunted house. Before taking our short trek to the haunted house, I turned and snapped a picture back onto Big Bass Lake from my wooded vantage point. You can’t see a whole lot but what you can imagine is how spooky and desolate that area was at that time.

On that particular trip, our group had landed at the island just about a half hour before midnight. The weather that evening was cool enough for light jackets to be worn. A short ghost story was followed by an examination of the house from the outside. The inside floor may not have been safe enough to walk upon. I should add that there were no volunteers anyway to enter that house. In fact, most of them wanted to return to our wooded beachfront right after the story.

Yet on the way back to Illinois the kids were bragging about just how long they stayed on the island that evening. They were talking about a couple of hours when in reality it was less than thirty minutes. How time flies!

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