Remnants of Ward Hills Ski Area

These are historical reminders of what used to be the Ward Hills Ski Area just south of Big Bass Lake.  This was the engine room and tower which used to haul skiers up to the high hills where they could find trails to ski down.  Presently, the new owners have established the Ward Hills Lodge which is going to have sledding hills and summer activities such as volleyball. 

The area abounds with both hiking trails and snowmobile trails.  Here is a photograph of the course that these ski lines took up the hills.

For a time this land was owned by former Camp Martin Johnson as an extension area for their activities. 

One has to wonder if the new owners are going to have any ski activities as part of their winter sports program?  It would be a shame not to include skiing in this wonderful natural setting among the Manistee National Forest as it was once intended to be.

Did any of our readership ever ski this area?  If you have, please leave us a comment as to your experiences at Ward Hills.  Or if you have been here for other purposes let us know that too.  This area just has to have plenty of stories to share.

As part of our commitment to the greater Big Bass Lake area, the Ward Hills Ski Area will always be in the hearts and minds of those who have lived in this area. 

I look forward to having you share your experiences with us here at BBL and Beyond!

3 thoughts on “Remnants of Ward Hills Ski Area

  1. I skied there as a kid starting in 1954 (I was 5 yrs old) to 1962… I still have several photos of the ski area from that time period


  2. i skied there ini the winters of 1976 and 1977. it was gloriously simple and affordable and non-pretentious. I would like to just go walk the hills and see the Lodge, it was that impacting on me as part of my youth.


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