Climbing Down to the Little Manistee River

I once thought that canoeing the Little Manistee River was the hardest with all its twists and turns and underwater obstacles.  Yet even more challenging is hiking the river.  Often times one has to make their own trail.  And you have to watch where you step or you might enter the river without even knowing it. 

I enjoy most the overlooks to the river either by hiking up or down the hillsides.  Just look at how green this valley is along the river course.  An artist could have a field day along this river at almost any point. 

Even when canoeing the river often I have to portage along the way giving me the opportunity to both hike and canoe.  Either way each turn of the river provides you with more great scenery to observe.  I would like to know, among those that follow our website, which river they prefer.  The Pere Marquette or the Little Manistee and why.  Leave me a comment in that regard.

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