Nolan Hauser and Foo-Ling-Yu

Nolan Hauser and I recently renewed our friendship as I located him in Hershey, PA.  I knew Nolan when I was with the Marion Boys Club while attending the then Marion College.  After I left that area for Columbus, Ohio, he and Kenny Huffman visited me at my new club, The Salesian Inner City Boys Club.  After a tour of that facility we went to the original Wendy’s restaurant to eat.

Then I took Nolan and Kenny to COSI (Columbus Ohio Science and Industry Museum) which was right across the street.  The three of us decided to attend a magic show there with Foo-Ling-Yu presiding.  But once Nolan heard that name he began to giggle and laugh with everyone in attendance looking at us.  He just couldn’t stop for a good five minutes as that name just struck him as being too funny.

He finally settled down and I am surprised that Foo-Ling-Yu didn’t invite Nolan up on stage to saw him in half.  I’m sure that would have gotten Nolan going again in full laughter mode.  Maybe Foo-Ling-Yu could make a command performance for Nolan and the lads he works with now in Hershey? 

What do you say, Nolan?  Maybe Nolan could even be his assistant, Laugh-a-Lot?

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