The Safer View at Haunted Island

Kenny Huffman opted for this view as often as possible when on the Haunted Island.  It was found where the Haunted House was located and it is what anyone would see if they glanced skyward.  According to Kenny, it was the “safer view”.  Kenny at eighteen was the oldest boy on that trip with the Marion Boys Club and the most afraid of even his own shadow.

He had campaigned vigorously about not making a trip to Haunted Island citing nearly every excuse in the book.  He even wanted to stand guard at the tents back on shore in the event that some berserk chipmunk would cause damage there.  Even on a second and third tour of duty at our property, his fears never left him.  He was often teased by the younger boys for being so frightened as soon as darkness fell upon the area.

But each trip to Haunted Island was Kenny’s undoing.  Even though he told himself it was just an empty old house on a deserted island located near some burial mounds, what was there to worry about?  His own reasonings often did him in.  Twice on that trip he tripped over his own feet because he was always looking up to his safer view.  Once he attributed his fall to spirits from that house which got quite a laugh from the other boys.

Yet on each trip home he would boast about his bravado at those very times that he was most frightened perhaps to convince himself more than the others about his lack of courage.  It makes me wonder if Huff would always take the “safer view”?

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