Noreika Forest Campsite

Not far from our large swamp near the phone lines was a campfire area that I had established for a trip with the Marion Boys Club.  It was used for some of our evening campfires away from Big Bass Lake so as to provide the boys with an actual deep woods experience.  With forest all around them, save for this open space, the boys always huddled around the campfire.

It was here that bear stories were told.  Eddie Crouch and Calvin Little seemed to be uneasy with each noise they heard coming from the forest thinking it to be a bear lurking nearby.  Our regular campsite was just off Big Bass Lake and was much more open.  Yet this area was only used for three evening campfires and for one fire building class on that trip.  After that class, we ate our evening meal at this site. 

Activities were scheduled around that area for the three nights we held campfires there such as Hound and the Hare and a Scavenger Hunt.  This area actually provided th boys with a new experience as it was quite different from our wooded beachfront.  I should have thought to have one evening spent there with a couple of tents but I didn’t think about that then. 

Oh, by the way, not even a single bear stopped by for any of our campfires.  Not even a married one!

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