Are Friendships Soon Forgotten?

What kind of impact have any of us had on former relationships that we had at either camp or through youth organizations?  I must confess that I am greatly impressed in how memories are closely shared with former campers and staff from Camp Martin Johnson which closed in the late 1970’s on Big Bass Lake.  That camp still holds reunions and the friendships that were made at camp still last!  I suppose it depends on the impact each of us puts on those relationships that determines an enduring equation. 

I recently posted about Camp Mishawaka and included the name of one of my campers, Joshua DeCarl.  He had googled his name and found this website and remembered me.  He spoke of some fears he had at camp and  never even knew about them even though he was in my cabin group. Yet Joshua chose to contact me via this website with a comment.  He invested that time to regain a friendship that had endured for only a month when we were both at Mishawaka. 

Yet even childhood friends are soon forgotten.  I’ve gone through a dozen or so Facebook pages of former kids that I have worked with at various Boys Clubs of America and was astonished to learn how few friends have continued with them through their adult years!  Their friendship pages have rarely contained buddies that I saw them with in their early days.  Some friends have stood the test of time but they are few and far in between.

I’ve often wondered how some of the kids I worked with are doing now in adulthood?  What kind of impact did I have on them?  Now, I am still good friends with a fellow counselor I met at Union League Camp by the name of Gordon Payne yet our third tent counselor, Bob, each of us have never heard from sence save for a lone comment here with no return address.

It seems that so many friendships begin fleeting over the years.  Of course, new friends are met and forged.  But how many “Joshua’s” are still out there today that once knew me?  Or knew some of the other boys that I hav referred to on this website?

Are the majority of our early friendships forged for only that one time period?  When I waved good-bee to former campers was the forever?  And, what about the friendships in your life?  How lasting have they been?  Leave us a comment and let us know.

2 thoughts on “Are Friendships Soon Forgotten?

  1. Hi, Dave. You are correct in that many times kids forget what they once held dear. I learned o play golf from you and went to your farm in Michigan about five times on camping trips. Thanks for taking an interest in me at the Marion Boys Club. Remember the Singers?


  2. Hi Keitn and, yes, I do remember the Marion Boys Club singers as you guys went to Washington and performed in Congress and then sang before President Nixon. Keith, you are featured on many posts here about the Marion Boys Club. Check them out


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