Winter at Na-Tah-Ka

Tucked neatly between Big Bass Lake and Lon Lake is Larry Bender’s operations including Na-Tah-Ka Tavern and Grill and his Corner Store.  It not only does a brisk business in the summer vacation months, but, as you see here, does not to so badly in the winter solace either.  This is the Lake County center for supper and fun when the weather turns frigid.

After snowmobiling for the day or ice fishing at either lake, patrons turn here for entertainment and good food.  Na-Tah-Ka even has their own Facebook page complete with all the goings on for that facility.  For decades Bender had waited for the Big Bass Lake store to cease operations to gain a foothold in the area and now his time has come.

The Big Bass Lake store is up for sale and badly in need of many repairs.  Perhaps one day an ice cream parlor will open there for the summer months?  Now that chapter has been closed and a new one opened almost at the center point between the two lakes. 

I wonder if the legendary camp monster from Camp Martin Johnson is related to Bender?  I think it was then known as “Baby Bender”.  Thoughts?

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