Hiking or Canoeing the Pine River

Just outside Wellston lies the Pine River and i don’t think that there’s any other place on God’s green Earth that is just like it.  I enjoy taking my golden retriever, Scout, with me either to hike the trails alongside the river or to canoe its waters. 

If I hike the trail alongside the river I take in the fresh scent of pine as I walk along.  I take in with my eyes a passing canonist or kayaker that is making their way down river.  On hot days I wish I were them as I prefer canoeing over hiking.  Scout enjoys canoeing more too as all he does is lay back and enjoy the ride. 

Each bend of the river brings forth more spectacular scenery than the last as you can tell by these photographs.  It literally takes away my breath each time my eyes take in what you see here.

As I canoe this great river, I sometimes like to just drift along using my paddle more for steering than anything else and drink in all that my eyes observeI would recommend this river to anyone on either foot o canoe to enjoy it to their fill for they just can’t get scenery like this anywhere else.  You might also try hiking or canoeing in the fall to get an even greater sight!  Why not next weekend?

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