Sunllt Haunted Island

It is quite interesting to note that in all my boys club trips to the Haunted Island, te majority of them took place in the central section of that island.  The burial mounds were slightly north of central but still in that general area where the Haunted House once stood.  Yet in my days as a child there was another old house on the southwest corner of that island and even then there were only two walls left standing.

On a trip with the Salesian Boys Club out of Columbus, Ohio, we did take a hike to the south portion of that island to the point where we could see the public landing area quite easily.  The trees seemed much larger there, even quite majestic.  I don’t think that any club ever walked to the north section of that island.

Perhaps the central part, which housed the Haunted House, was enough for the boys.  Even so the night where we hiked to the southern section was unnerving for the boys as it was still conducted at midnight and the tree covering made the journey more than just casually spooky. You could actually hear the wind through the trees making the effect quite alarming to the boys.  Still, it was a tale they could tell their children one day and their children’s children about how they conquered the Haunted Island at midnight.  Or at least most of them thought they had!

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