Ever Changing Waves of Ludington

What you are observing here is the oft seen farewell to he Badger as it begins its journey to Wisconsin out of Ludington Harbor to the cheer of many tourists standing out by the lighthouse.  They have taken the quarter to half mile hike out onto the Ludington breakwater to observe this daily occurence.  Waves of happiness emulate from their hands to the people on board wishing them a safe journey.

But there are “other” waves that occur at this breakwater too and those waves still see some knuckleheads brave these waters to wave people off and that may well have to them literally as the waves of Lake Michigan sweep them off that breakwater into Ludington Harbor which, in these times, is not the wave action they are hoping to observe.

The next “wave” action will be from them for want of help in their perilous situation.  It takes real brains to navigate this breakwater and then knowing when to exit it before trouble occurs.  I, for one, would not care to put my life at risk by venturing out onto that breakwater in wave action like this!  That is a no-brainer and for those that do are only showing that they have no brain.  Note the difference?

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