Salesian Boys Club Multi-Purpose Room

This room, which was located on the second floor of the Salesian Center, was largely used for bingo as a fund-raiser for the club three nights a week when I was a staff member at the club in 1975-76.  It was also used for awards nights at the club.  Other than that, it was never used by club members during my tenure there.

As I understand it,  bingo ceased not that long after I left the organization.  I wonder what uses it took after bingo left the premises?  The Educational Center could have been moved here from the basement or even a food program during the summer months.  For a club that had eight bowling lanes, a swimming pool, a gymnasium with a running track over the gym floor, and a large arts and crafts center, this area could well have housed the Educational Center or even for a teen club. 

Now the boys club is no longer in operation and some sort of female ministry has taken over the building.  I wonder if the physical plant remains the same?

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