Noreika Property- Time Lapse from 1991 to 2005

This is how I largely remember our property just west of the public landing on Big Bass Lake. Our entrance to our land was the next right turn from the public landing going west. The driveway, at this point, was still gravel as I remember well from the 1950’s through 1992. It was a driveway and not a road. Noreika Road ended at the Matson green cottage and then that area was a grassy pathway that led through our barnyard connecting it with our driveway. Noreika Road in my era was a sandy road through 1992.

In 1998, little remains changed except that our driveway appears to be paved.  I don’t see the new cottages in evidence yet and all our out buildings seem intact.  But within the next seven years, all that was about to change.  After my Aunt Beth sold the farm construction started almost immediately.  Our cottage was dwarfed by those to come which seemed more like mansions than cottages. 

The tree lined hillside was removed and graded so that few of the original trees remained and the steep hillside was reduced to a small hill.  Our cottage was blocked in the spring and summer by those trees yet still affording us a farily good view of Big Bass Lake.  It should also be noted that our new cottage was built in 1976 replacing my grandmothers original home that was closer to the driveway where the current garage now stands.  There are numerous pictures of that home on this website under Noreika Property or Noreika Family categories.

Now here is how the property appeared in 2005 and forward.

It also provides the transition from black and white pictures to that of color.  One of the homeowners, by the name of Tom, at least tried to duplicate our old barn shaping his new home as a barn colored red.  He had looked into transforming the old barn but found it to be cost prohibitive.  Our driveway is now known as North Island View Lane however Noreika Road is still labeled that way despite attempts to use more modern road verbage.  The State of Michigan recognizes it as Noreika Road and is the sole reminded of who once owned that land.

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