Many people have asked me why I call the Haunted Island “Haunted”. The story I received from a long time resident on the lake in the 1960’s was that at one time a man and his wife lived on that island along with their collie dog. One day the husband left the island to get supplies. When he returned he found his dog dead but could never find his wife. She could not swim and even so many dragged the lake for her body but never found it. Yet to this day weird sounds are heard coming from that island and many believe it is the wife crying out for her husband.

Just north of the one time Haunted House (for it is no longer up having been demolished several years ago) are burial mounds which I referred to once as the final resting place of the bonepickers.  You can find that story elsewhere under the category Haunted Island on the sidebar.  Yet another long time resident of Big Bass lake claims those burial mounds are from an old Indian graveyard. 

Perhaps some of our readers have some stories of that island as to why they believe its haunted and if so leave us a comment with your tale.  It should be interesting!