The Original Noreika Property Lines

My nephew, BJ Marks, has been doing some extensive research on the Noreika family and here has shown some rather remarkable information concerning the Noreika Property Lines which included one half of what I call Haunted Island (Matson’s Island). Apparently it is not ALL Matson’s Island.

My Aunt Beth had told me that just the northern tip of that island was ours originally but these maps created in the 1930’s show otherwise. Instead of owning just the northern tip of Haunted Island, the Noreika line clearly shows about half of that island was originally Noreika property including the area where the old Haunted House once stood.

Of course, my grandparents may well have sold their interest in that island to the Matson’s sometime thereafter but I have no record of that. My grandmother, Barbara Noreika, was a good friend of Albert Matson.

BJ is a band director for the Columbus, Indiana, school system. I greatly value the research he is doing into the Noreika family. BJ is my sister, Treva’s, son.

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